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De Spil

Interior design for DE SPIL Cultural Center in Roeselare, Belgium.

We have a long history with cultural center De Spil. In 2014 they entrusted us with a huge graphic mural on their building’s facade. Then in 2015, we were responsible for the graphic design of their brochure, for which the fox was chosen as the symbol of their seasonal identity. They must have really liked the partnership as much as we did, because this time they asked us back for a large-scale interior design project. Which we gladly accepted.

We took the outside pattern of the mural indoors and translated it into the design of their communal area. The goal was to create an inviting area where people would want to sit down and waste a while. We achieved this by lowering the 12 meter high ceiling with a floating ambient light structure and using naturally tinted woods for the furnishings and floor, with the mural’s graphic pattern recognizable throughout.
This little gem of a project is something we are particularly proud of.

Project team: Pieter Bostoen, Ruben Devinck, De Spil technical team

Pictures © 2016 Lichtwaas

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