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For a brief moment in 2010-2011, we did some freelance work for Salens Architects in Bruges. We had the chance to work on
some very cool interior design projects. One of the clients was Durabrik, a construction company. The brief was to design
a ‘out of this world’ makeover of their Drongen based showroom.

Challenges included a low ceiling, a huge amount of suporting structure and very poor acoustic qualities.

Most important for the client was to have enough storage space for their material samples. Where these samples before took over the space, we came up with a solution where these samples are hidden in a closet that coveres two entire walls measuring 62 meter in length. This huge wall closet consists of repeating door fronts. Behind those fronts we not only provided the storage space, we also made hidden doors to meeting rooms, a build-in kitchenette, toilets and office spaces.

On top of a massive oak floor, one piece of furniture was instaled, containing all the main functions for the showroom to work. Reception desk, individual seats featuring touch screens, meeting rooms, cinema, sample storage and work area. The gaint piece of furniture, only interrupted in a few strategic places for people to move around.

Project team: Olivier Salens, Gust Maeyens, Pieter Bostoen



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