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Interior design and execution of new offices for Icometrix.

Meet Icometrics, a young company that deals in brains. Okay. That came out wrong: brain scans for hospitals, that is. They saw our work for KBC Start-It in Leuven and fell in love with the wooden benches we handcrafted for them a while back. So not only did they entrust us with recreating these benches to fit their own interior but they went ahead and cancelled all other on-going interior projects and handed them over to us (#winning).

The colours of their logo, red blue and green, were used throughout the spaces to break the warm, natural tints of the wooden furniture. Inspired by their work, we also designed with brain on our creative minds. That brought us to three super cool murals based on their very own brain scans as well as a brain-shaped window film to create an atmosphere of privacy from the outside world. The nerd in us was very pleased.

Project team: Pieter Bostoen, Emmanuel Delbeke, Hyun Dekempe, Anton De Scheemaker, Leszek Bilinski, Aga Mazurek, Jaime Rydel, Tim Vanhentenryk, Ruben Devinck, André Adriaansens & Tina Peirlinck

Pictures © 2016 Lichtwaas

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