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Munt Summerspot

Knowledge center Arhus and non-profit Plotsklaps transformed the main square of Roeselare’s new town site into a summer hotspot. Sun, beach, terrace, bar, street food, urban sports and weekly events make for a surprising visit to the new location.

Images of fresh mint and lemon flavoured cocktails and laying on a beach, shot right trough our minds when we heard this assignment. We kept things sunny and sandy with fresh colors, clean pensil lines and fun iconic drawings.

We started of with the logo & corporate identity and used it as a starting point for flyers, event posters, window stickers, business cards and menu card. Every week we made another Facebook background for the different events.

Outdoors we made display systems in rough pine wood which where placed on strategic points in the city to attract visitors. On top of the display there’s room for mint plants to grow as a refrence to the name, and even more, to have a steady supply of fresh produce for those ‘out of the world’ home made iced teas!

Project team: Maria Stojek, Pieter Bostoen