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Scenography for The House of Indie in Antwerp, Belgium.

Screenshake 2017 is the fifth edition of the only art festival in Belgium to showcase the video game medium, with a focus on independent or ‘indie’ games. These are often smaller, more personal and innovative games; think of them as the video game equivalent of arthouse films!
Over the course of three days, Screenshake offers a broad and diverse program, including talks and workshops by a wide array of international guests, two big game and art exhibitions, two nights filled with live music and a bunch of unique interactive performances.

ROOTS/ Not one second of doubt came to mind when we were asked to design the scenography for the 2017 Screenshake festival, an annual international festival around indie games located in Antwerp. We partnered up with The House of Indie, the organizers of the festival and got to work. The source of our inspiration was the in-house theme ‘Roots’. We took that theme quite literally and came up with a square base module in the shape of tree roots. This module was used to create walls and ceilings where the displayed video games could be attached to. To add a feel of forest we added tree trunks that acted as seats, tree bark to imitate the forest floor and added plants to bring nature inside. Funny enough the name of the venue ‘Het Bos’ literally translates as ‘The Forest’.

Project team: Pieter Bostoen, André Adriaanse

Pictures © 2017

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