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WATT Factory

Interior design for Re-Vive in Ghent, Belgium.

Located in Ghent, Belgium, Watt Factory is a ‘Smart City’ accelerator. A lively community of entrepreneurs and creatives focused on smart cities & climate change. We were commissioned to convert the old flax factory into a shared working and meeting space. It brings together a number of small companies under one roof. The open plan provides an ideal playground for small companies to stay well connected and share knowledge among each other.

The ground floor of approximately 750m2 is divided with four main functions in mind. An open event space, a shared office space, a sitting area with kitchen for socializing and a workshop. Outside are gardens on both sides and there is a restaurant in the same building.
The first and second floor is where you will find meeting rooms and closed offices in various sizes.

The main goal of our design was to improve acoustic qualities while not losing focus on aesthetics. We achieved this by incorporating both functions in various items and finishes. One of the walls is covered entirely in a wood and felt finish. Both the wood, which has a irregular shape, as the felt help to deflect and absorb sound.

The wall between the shared office space and the social space has multiple functions. It acts not only as a wall but also as a decorative cabinet. It has two phone booths and isolates sound while still providing a connection between the two spaces via glass windows and doors. It’s irregular shape also helps deflect sound in various ways and adds a playful touch to the design. Users can change the appearance by adding personal items and changing the shelves.
Above the desks in the shared office space we have hung up zig-zag shapes. They act as pending light and also absorb sound.

All fixed furniture was produced in house and placed on site by our own crew. Most of the loose furniture, chairs and tables, was provided by Pedrali. 

Project team: Pieter Bostoen, Agnieszka Mazurek, Hyun Dekempe, Emmanuel Delbeke, Anton Descheemaecker, Leszek Bilinski, Tim Vanhentenryk, André Adriaanse, Atelier Bontekoe Van Put & Drisag

Pictures © 2017 Wannes Nimmegeers / Render images © 2017

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